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Intuitive Readings

What is an intuitive reading? Many people would refer to these readings as “psychic” readings. However, we at Journeys do not like to use that word. The word “psychic” holds some negative connotations in society for one and that word also leads people to believe that we can “predict the future”. To us, an intuitive reading is a reading about yourself that you receive from someone who uses their intuition to receive and interpret information that comes from you. These readings can be done with things like Tarot or Angel cards, with astrological charts or simply by sitting across from someone and assessing their energy field.

Intuitive Readings at Journeys York PAJust what is an intuitive reintuitive-stonesading?

Many people refer to these readings as “psychic” readings. However, we shy away from that word simply because it does not describe what an intuitive reading really is.

Intuition is within all of us. It is that little voice that may warn you that something is about to happen. It is what allows us to immediately like or dislike a person after just meeting them. It is also that motivation within us to change our ways or try something different. Intuition is also referred to as “gut feeling”.

Moreover, intuition is the voice of spirit or soul. It always knows what is best for us and makes sure to communicate that to us. Unfortunately, we are taught from a young age to silence this voice or pay it no heed. Often in society, when intuition speaks to us, we are quick to dismiss it with logic or to talk ourselves into or out of whatever intuition is proposing.

Intuitive readers take their intuition and, through practice, are able to receive and translate information for others to understand when they cannot understand that information themselves. Intuitive readings focus on the idea of free will. No reading is ever certain because you always have free will and, therefore, the power to change to the path you are on, the future.

During an intuitive reading, the “reader” observes you and your energy field to receive information. Some intuitive readers also employ cards, crystals, astrology, spiritual guides, etc. to aid them in correctly translating the information they have received. Why do different readers use different methods? It’s simple! Think of it this way: people in different countries speak differing languages. The people themselves are all human and therefore similar, but their modes of communication are different. So it is with intuitive readers.

Intuitive readings can help you when you are feeling stuck, want to understand something going on in your life better, or want to get an idea of what the future holds. This knowledge may allow you to take more control of your life and affect great positive change! These readings also reveal recurrent behavioral patterns that may be a detriment or benefit to you.

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Reiki & Readings 

Would you like to experience Reiki? Have you been curious about Intuitive Readings? Or do you love Reiki and are in need of a tune up? Are you searching for guidance and need some insight? 

If your answer is YES, then come in to Journeys and see Judy Forder and Morgan Michael to receive a 20-minute Reiki session and a 20-minute intuitive reading for only $40 (cash preferred). 

This Reiki & Readings offer is available on the following dates: November 5, November 19, December 3, December 17 between 10:00am - 2:00pm. Dates will be updated for 2020.


Energy Healing Shares - Held the first Saturday of every month!  10am - 1pm

Let’s join together as a community to share and practice our gifts. Various energy modalities will be practiced to help each of us grow, heal and raise the vibration of each other, our community and our planet. If you have never experienced energy work, this is a perfect chance to get a sample.  If you are a practitioner who would like to share your gifts, this is a perfect chance to do so!  Love donations gratefully accepted.


Angelic Light Weaving Classes

Angelic Light Weaving is simply a form of communication with the angelic realm.  We weave to communicate with the angels and to act as the angels 3rd dimensional partners to transmit their information and healing energy to other humans.  The energy sent in this way contains coded information, sacred geometry, symbols, shapes and colors known as Light Language.  Angelic Light Weaving can clear blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  Angelic Light Weaving may be used in conjunction with other healing modalities or it can be used as its own healing modality. 


Reiki 1 and 2 Classes 


Please email Judy Forder (Powered by Your Soul, LLC at Journeys Holistic Health & Wellness Center) at judyforder@comcast.net, text or call (443) 528-4439 for more information, or if you are interested in scheduling a class!