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Journeys Holistic Health & Wellness Center

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alternative medicine Wellsville PA

alternative medicine Wellsville PA

Welcome to Journeys Holistic Health & Wellness Center!

alternative medicine Wellsville PAWe are here to help you find your way along the path of life and to help remove emotional, physical and mental barriers, and allow you to reach your highest potential. We offer alternative medicine Wellsville PA. We will help any and all that walk through our doors to the absolute best of our ability. All that we ask is that you come with an open mind and a readiness to change your life.

All of our practitioners are compassionate and loving individuals that wish to share their gifts of healing. Also, as practitioners, we have also been in the position of you, the client, more than once in our lives. We understand what you may be feeling or experiencing and can help with achieving your goals. How do we do this? Journeys offers a variety of services including massage, energy healing, health and wellness coaching, yoga, Reiki and more. We are here not only to heal and to teach, but also to continue to learn on our life’s path.

At Journeys alternative medicine Wellsville PA, community is important to us. We rejoice in friendship in family! Because of this, though we make appointments, you may drop in for a walk-in appointment whenever you would like. Life does not always occur on our schedule, so we understand that you may need an “emergency” session of some sort and are happy to oblige. Journeys is also open for those who are simply curious and want to better understand what it is that we do. Come in and ask questions – we’re happy to answer! In addition to this, Journeys has an in-house library that you are welcome to page through on the premises.

Should you need further information about alternative medicine Wellsville PA, please call 717-818-5309 or visit our contact page. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and visit our events page for the latest information on classes and seminars.

Life is a journey! Though obstacles may present themselves along our path to greatness, remember that they are there for a reason and that you can get past them. Sometimes facing those obstacles head on won’t remove them, but never forget that you can go over, under and around them, too.



Reiki & Readings 

Would you like to experience Reiki? Have you been curious about Intuitive Readings? Or do you love Reiki and are in need of a tune up? Are you searching for guidance and need some insight? 

If your answer is YES, then come in to Journeys and see Judy Forder and Morgan Michael to receive a 20-minute Reiki session and a 20-minute intuitive reading for only $40 (cash preferred). 

This Reiki & Readings offer is available on the following dates: November 5, November 19, December 3, December 17 between 10:00am - 2:00pm. Dates will be updated for 2020.


Energy Healing Shares - Held the first Saturday of every month!  10am - 1pm

Let’s join together as a community to share and practice our gifts. Various energy modalities will be practiced to help each of us grow, heal and raise the vibration of each other, our community and our planet. If you have never experienced energy work, this is a perfect chance to get a sample.  If you are a practitioner who would like to share your gifts, this is a perfect chance to do so!  Love donations gratefully accepted.


Angelic Light Weaving Classes

Angelic Light Weaving is simply a form of communication with the angelic realm.  We weave to communicate with the angels and to act as the angels 3rd dimensional partners to transmit their information and healing energy to other humans.  The energy sent in this way contains coded information, sacred geometry, symbols, shapes and colors known as Light Language.  Angelic Light Weaving can clear blockages and dis-ease from the physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.  Angelic Light Weaving may be used in conjunction with other healing modalities or it can be used as its own healing modality. 


Reiki 1 and 2 Classes 


Please email Judy Forder (Powered by Your Soul, LLC at Journeys Holistic Health & Wellness Center) at judyforder@comcast.net, text or call (443) 528-4439 for more information, or if you are interested in scheduling a class!